Welcome to Qisma Tech!

We are a locally owned business based in P┼Źneke (Wellington) with a passion to develop young kiwis’ skills in electronics and programming. We have a number of unique collaborative and competitive games that are proven to get kids active and learning while having fun.
  • Our co-founders Cameron Laing (Left) and Mohammad Al-Rubayee (Right)

After watching for myself, I can see how insightful and well-thought-out this approach is, and how effective it is for children. I would recommend Qisma Tech to any school looking to jump-start a STEM curriculum, or to support an existing one.

Matthew Boucher, Deputy Principal of Thorndon School

Our Values

Our Educational Values

Our products and services will have children utilise their curiosity and creativity to enable them to adapt and learn in the ever growing world of tech.

Our Promise to Aotearoa

We believe that tech should be a way to support and improve our environment, economy and society.

Our Business Values

All industries are affected by technology and so we are determined to better prepare young kids for this inevitable future.