About Us

Our Story

Qisma Tech was first developed at the VUW Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in the summer of 2018/2019. The word Qisma is the name of the maternal grandmother of one of our founders, and it is the notion of passing down previous knowledge to support the future generations that drove this idea. Our Co-Founders, Mohammad and Cameron, are determined to help develop the skills that our kiwi youth need to pursue the highly tech dominant future that they will inherit. We believe that children best learn and experience the world when they are active, and that’s why we have developed a number of collaborative and competitive games that will enable these kids to learn and understand software and electronics engineering concepts that are usually taught at university level, such as Binary Search Algorithms, Sequencing, Conditional Statements and Ohm’s law. After trialing these games with 40 children, we have also realised the important factor of these children’s education; the teachers. We are not a replacement for the irreplaceable, on the contrary, we like to think of ourselves as the future tool to help upskill teachers all over Aotearoa and keep them up-to-date with the exciting and enormous world of tech.

Our Founders

Cameron Laing, CoFounder, Software Engineer and Coffee Connoisseur

Cameron was born and bred in Wellington and attended St. Patrick’s College in Kilbirnie. He discovered his passion for Tech and Computer Science in his first year of university and now holds a degree in Software Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington. He has a passion for all sports and believes that physical education is the best way that young kids learn new ideas and concepts.

Mohammad Al-Rubayee, CoFounder, Electronics Engineer and Peach Iced Tea Enthusiast

Mohammad was born in Amman, Jordan from Iraqi parents. He and his family moved to New Zealand as refugees in early 2003 and became NZ citizens in early 2006. He grew a passion for technology and robotics and now holds a degree in Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington. He believes that all children are intelligent, all they need is guidance and a small push in the right direction. Anyone can do anything!